What We Were Made For

June 10, 2011
You took your time to draw that line,

Maybe i'm not afraid of you anymore.

I took my time to step in line,

but it was your fault to decline.

lets step up to this fight,

you've gotta push for whats right,

maybe we can make them listen,

maybe we will be heard.

I gotta a bad feeling and a caffeine kick outa bed,

we need a new plan and a clear head.

Draw up the blueprints, follow the shoe prints,

this is what we were made for.

If we pay attention now,

If you let them walk all over you,

maybe you can be like that guy,

and throw your shoes.

I could have sworn you told me,

that it was your fault,

I could have sworn i said,

by a new belt.

the leather was raw, the buckle was worn,

how many whipping could've started this war?

Tell me,

This is what we were made for.

So stand up for yourself,

for your rights.

Make your words shed some light,

and show them all.

What we were made for.

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