You Are

July 20, 2011
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Out of all the times I've held you,not one shines
Not so much as it overpowers how much pain you caused
Yet I can't put you or your all completely behind
Because when you are there,time needs to pause
I can't understand why I take you back like that
When you were with them,I was thinking of you
Thoughts of you not even caring simply attacks
And it sucks so much because I know it's true
You take the life out of me,but I can't help it
Something about you that I can't let go of
I like to think that everytime I loved you,you felt it
Or maybe nothing I can do for you will be enough
I wish I could tell you it was too late to say sorry
It gets on the tip of my tongue and then I swallow
Why is it your being just has to be so jarring
But at the same time,being with you sometimes feels hollw
You said that I'm the one who hurt you,how?
You only seem to come back to me when I am far
Maybe the time to finally say no is now
Just who do you think you are?

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