Who will I be?

July 14, 2011
The question everybody asks,
the thing we live to know,
I ask myself, “Who will I be?”
Am I going to be a hero? Or,
a Villain?
Will I change the way people see things,
or will I die unrecognized,
I see these people who have made great,
great changes, and then I see me,
How do I even begin to compare myself to this world,
in which so many have influenced,

I set silently in history class,
reading of great men and women,
that heald there head high to conquer,
and I wonder, “Who will I be?”
will I be the one who changes your life,
or will I save it,
there is still so much for me to discover,
and only time will give me the chance,
the chance to uncover, “Who will I be?”

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