The One Who Makes It Rain

July 19, 2011
By helovesme BRONZE, Campbellsville, Kentucky
helovesme BRONZE, Campbellsville, Kentucky
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You know I used to want to escape this place at any cost, but now when I look outside its all beautiful and familiar. Especially now its about to rain and heat lighting decorates the sky. It makes every color so vivid almost all is quiet. Its mesmerizing, like a whole different world. Almost a limbo between good and bad. Just as quickly as it came though its gone , and everything’s washed over in gray. The earth will weep for itself once again. So I lie down in the emerald grass of my own little world. I wait for the rain and let it wash over me as I grieve with the earth. Know when the storm clears we will both feel anew. Lying there in the rain I cant help but think this is the release of emotion I cannot express. The force of nature inside me. The longer I lay here though I realize that this is how I truly feel, lost and cold in the rain. A light shines near by, a place of refuge. That’s you. You are my towel and warm place. You are my escape from the storm.

The author's comments:
I was lying in bed when i glanced out my window and saw how beautiful it was before a summer storm, this is what came to me as i laid in the rain.

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