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July 19, 2011
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Are we one again?
We are one
Thats the last thing I heard
As we danced to this song
To the beat that we own
And as our bodies press against each others
And turn hot with the stimuli
flowing through our veins
Like the energy bunny thats
gone insane
And its still fine
Cuz the smile that you shine
Is as bright as the moon at night
And our thoughts are like werewolves
Changing and morphing into
incomprehensible shapes
And our breath frosts the glass
Like icy dew on a blade of grass
As the music pumps through our bodies
Like a bass drum an blast
And shakes our very core
And our bodies are in sync
with the lights
Like two snakes in my sight
And so I have to end this right
So deuces, peace

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