It's Life

July 19, 2011
Trying to find the better person in me.
Throw away my hate, leave it for the yesterdays.
Cause today I'm starting a new.
Love is the main thing I now hang on to.
Trying to reach my dreams in the sky.
Leave my hands in the air, holding them high.
I will one day see my dreams come true.
My doubts will be washed away.
Leaving courage to stay.
But I will never let love stray.
From this day I know I can do it.
Reach the top and push through it.
Through the roof blocking the sun of success.
I will make it, if I try my best.
If I stay happy and leave the sorrow to rest.
Encourage others to follow their heart.
But never leave behind their brains, stay smart.
The ones determined always goes the farthest.
The gardener who has faith in his crops always grows the largest.
Just never lose vision and never lose hope.
Push away the negatives, your emotions easier to cope.
Free your mind and your soul.
Know who you are, make sure you're whole.
Keep dreaming.
Keep believing.
Hard tasks, opportunities come with it.
Take those chances, never forget it.
So never give up, keep with it.
It's life, a fresh day, now go out there and live it.

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