We're Blinded

July 18, 2011
By Sharrica GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Sharrica GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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Being Blinded by
Love and passion,
stops everything around
you. Creates unforgetting
memories,and will never
let go.

Can't or Won't get
away when your lover
beats you but say they
will never do it again,
until the next day
they make the same
mistake and you're
stuck there for more to come.

Taste the blood
your lover left you.
Along with the single rose
and chocolates.
A single note, you
put up the phone
you were gonna use to
call home.

The note is only
temporary, so they
can burn it & not
have to worry about
you ever bringing
it up.

You yell and kick
but nothing seems to
hit your soul more
than his words of love.
Your only memory is to
forgive and let go,
But that's not so,
You stay anyways
and hide in your lonely cave.

You run away in your
dreams but never when
they're near. When he catches
you again they'll say
the same

But you can only
take too much of
the same game.
So now, it's over.

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