Second Chances

July 14, 2011
By portuguessweetie SILVER, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
portuguessweetie SILVER, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois
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When I’m with him,
I think of you.
When he pulls me in,
I feel the touch of your gentle hands on my waist,
tugging me in reverse.
Standing back to back,
when you said goodbye to me,
without cleaning my mind,
the echo of your last words stay.

Your eyes,
wide and blue,
staring into mine.
those eyes I fantasize about are not his.
Not wanting my eyes to give this away,
no more long gazes into his eyes,
doubting everything that I’m doing at this time.
Holding on the final moments,
waiting for it to come clean.

All these different faces,
Never match up to yours.
The little curve in your noise,
the little shine in your smile.
Finding myself interlocked,
On what I had before,
Now wanting what I had before.
I beg you,
To kiss me,
To keep me silent,
Waiting until both our hands are free.

Not having you,
Torcher in the heart.
Breakage on why it had to end.
I beg you,
Fix the cracks,
Having him in my life did not fix it.
Just spotted the cracks,
Not fill the in completely.
I beg you,
give me your hand and take me back.

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