The flight of Freedom

July 11, 2011
By Brotherskeeper BRONZE, Sunnyvale, California
Brotherskeeper BRONZE, Sunnyvale, California
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AMDG: for the greater glory of God

The cover of night like an unholy veil
Will devour the soul from the light of the sun

That cool breeze speaks to my ears
Lulling my eyes to see the unseen

Can you feel the dread brought on by the wind
Or taste the remorse from that sorrow filled breeze?

But worst is the taste
The Taste of the dead

The sights we see like the feelings unfelt
Worse than those at Gettysburg dwelt
If Lincoln had known
These things that we know
That worst is the burden that our soldiers do feel
To place thier lives for those horrible dogs
The dogs that bite and plead for this war

The world we live in is FUBAR!
Because we want peace we are spoon fed this war

The men that die die not in vain?
But we caused this this horrible pain!
The searing flesh of our freedom in flight
The shackles of freedom liberate our minds

They say that we can move this sea
But the spider does know what the spider does see
This freedom will fall to the feet of our foes
We need to remember our our knowledge unknown 
Nei nostri cuori ci nascondono
Questo problema cerchiamo

Be warned of the earth that speaks to your sole
Be warned of the night that promises peace
Be warned of the poisons that eat at our minds
These things that are coming are almost right here

We see these stars that freckle our sky

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