July 13, 2011
I listen to your heartbeat and for once the world seems sweet. Runaway to wherever were taken by feet. Running threw the streets and our life will never repeat. I stare at the starry night, in hope that I might, see a shooting star and wish wherever you are, your thinking of me and what we should be.

Here we are.

You came near me and everything began to disappear. Your face is clear as we stand here. My legs grow weak, and falling is my worst fear. A ling awaited kiss meets my lips. Looks are slipped. Eyes closed, feelings exposed. Focused on touch and it's just too much. I feel myself fall, too scared to crawl. You catch me midway and flashbacks the day.
First met.
First touch.
First feeling.
First kiss.
Nothing to miss just a friendship outspoken. Boundaries were set but made to be broken. Nothing to miss just something to build on. Memories last from sunset to dawn. Your words wake me from dreams and our love redeems. To no extremes. We walk on narrow beams but I trust you. If only you knew. I'll stay true, for few. No. Just for you. Because threw you, I grew. They can no longer hide, as our feelings abide. Three words slipped and nothing left to contradict. Once wished on a star, and here we are. Made to be or not, we can't be stopped, with feelings unbought. We came unequipped and followed no script. Speaking our minds with all we can find. Were in this together and just remember, from January to December, put your trust in me and I'll help you see, the world of dreams before the blind, that can't seem to find all that they dream is before their eyes. Just reach out and NEVER doubt. Find women and men, who once again, write their lives in pen as they dream of love.

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