Silent Killer

July 14, 2011
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Silent killer loving, deadly
Silent killer helping sadly
You feel her kiss
You feel her bliss
But it is not her own

You cry at night
Wanting to be
Wishing she could see
The person you are
The person you hide
And she knows
In her you confide
All your dark secrets
All your silent lies

Her eyes full
Of unending hate
Her eyes full
Of patient wait
Her loving silence
Envelopes your mind
Her loving silence
Makes you think she is kind
When in reality
She is deadly

She doesn't speak
You do the talking for her
She doesn't speak
You always concur
To her lies
To her heart
So the healing never starts
And you never see
That she is a beast

A beast that slays
A beast that kills
A beast that slays
For the thrills
A monster with a name
Such a horrid confession
A monster with a name
Silent killer: Depression

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