Real Love

July 17, 2011
By marisaaloveee BRONZE, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
marisaaloveee BRONZE, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
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so lets drink to the truth and speak through drunken minds and say how much we truley love eachother and tomorrow we can go back to pretending that we hate eachothe

i never thought i could feel this
type of pain
it’s like a strain
baby you did me dirty & left me in the cold all alone
you’re so bold
i thought our love would mold into something beautiful
i thought wrong
you’re so strong & left me weak
i’ve reached my peak we dont even speak
i miss your voice your touch
it was all luck just to have you
i thought i bagged you tried to brag
i was all wrong like the words to a song
i wanna hit a bong & forget about this love
we used to hug & kiss
oh how much i miss it
you dismissed it ignored me & moved on
im hurt
you sexed me and left me and went on to the next
you’ll never find a next me left me now you dont even text me
just forget me
left me alone to drone in all this sorrow
i dident even wanna see tomorrow
i ask myself why as i spy
to see the words you speak to her
the same things you used to say to me
how could this be
it was you & me now its you & her
its all a blur
F*** HER
this hurt is so strong
i feel like i dont belong
im lost
i guess this is the cost of loving you
they told me you were all wrong
but i was strong
thought i could take it and we would make it
we dident fake it
you threw it away in a matter of days
stuck in your ways , i cant wait for brighter days so i can sway
when is this gonna be over
i dont wanna be sober
i want your arms around me baby please dont leave me like this
just one more kiss but you wanted to diss
walk away
you stole my heart broke it into pieces
shattered like glass
it all happened in class , shot me like a gun
the tears streamed down
i felt like a clown , to believe all the lies that made these cries
why ?
we used to be happy
i put up a chase you had to face
you looked at me face to face with love in your eyes
but im left to cry
i wanted to make it but you just wanted to break it take it & fake it
you dident even care and i had to bare with this heartache
i dont regret
but i wanna forget these times where i was blind & i confined to your lies
what i felt was real
i just wanted to seal the deal
you ran away forgot & ignored
where do you wanna be ? i thought with me
but i was wrong
im gonna be strong & keep holding on just like the song
but this is farewell
i hope you’re swell
dont come back to me because you’re where you wanna be .
- i love you

The author's comments:
this poem was written about my past experience with a boy and i put all my feeling into it . i just want people do read it and get a feel of where im coming from .

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