I Lay

May 6, 2011
I lay here waiting to die
You see though my heart like a one way glass
I lay here, is this the grass
You sit there and never smile at me
I wish I could see you smile
You sit and stare with eyes like daggers
I lay here waiting to be priced by those daggers
You hate me for all that I am
I just wish to know why it can't be me
You sit and roll your eyes
Why was I laying here again
You just look at me
Why can't I forget you
Why can't I move pass you
How much time as passed
Why am I laying here.....
You stand over me
My heart comes to a stop
You knee down next to me
And whisper into my war
I could never love you
Now I serve in hell
But even it doesn't hurt as bad
As what you said
I love you
That is why I lay here

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