I have the world on a string

July 13, 2011
Made it dance,
made it jiggle,
made it move,
made it sing,
Had it balanced on my shoulders,
I did every damn thing,
Answered every cry for help when the sirens rang,
Then it all crashed down when I laughed and I shrugged,
Told a certain someone of the things she had done,
She turned her a** against me,
and took ones I had loved,
Never looked back,
never stuttered,
never faltered,
so smug,
So my heart turned to ice,
my motions like winter,
Struck through the heart by an icicle splinter,
Family took sides,
lookin' for a winner,
Never ate lunch with 'em,
never offered a dinner,
Stood out in the cold,
waitin' for a steed,
Nobody came to save me,
I began to concede,
Admitted I was wrong,
began to give in to defeat,
But I rose above it all,
became the best of my breed,
Became a one of a kind,
lived life so fast,
Realized I was a one and only,
the first and the last,
Began to feel lonely,
my train of thought finally crashed,
My pride had been shattered,
my heart had been smashed,
But my confidence stayed strong as I looked back on the past,
I know I can make it,
I know I will last,
I've tried everything to do,
except give in to their game,
I'm sure they've forgot me,
my mind and my name,
They never once knew me,
and now I'm not all the same,
Give me a chance,
blow off the shame,
We're all in a family,
I love you today,
I'll love you tomorrow,
and the next day the same,
And now I stand here on the corner,
taller than ever,
You said I'd never be nothing,
well don't ever say never,
I have a heat inside this chest of mine that no one can sever,
This heat inside this heart of mine is missing a lever,
It cannot be flushed away,
it can't be ignored,
I'm not looking to "get even" or "settle the score,"
I just want you to know I'm alive,
better than ever before,
I found the second half to me while I was walkin' the shore,
Of your open sea of loneliness,
I walked it so long,
I've ignored all your bulls***,
I learned a new song,
I sing it so happily,
I stand here so strong,
I love my love dearly,
I'll do her no wrong,
I'm not trying to show off,
I just wanted to show,
That I'm still out here alive,
come look how I've grown,
And look at how I'm above all this s*** I've been blown,
I'm not mad,
I don't hate,
I just want you to know.

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Doylekinz said...
Jul. 19, 2011 at 7:45 pm

This is amazing! I felt the mood behind it :]

Keep writing! And could you check out my poems please? Much appreciated! <3

chrissie_star said...
Jul. 19, 2011 at 2:21 pm
first to comment booyahhh anyways dude!! awesome! keep writing!! check out my poems? please :) anyways yeah for sure u better keep writing!! :)
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