July 13, 2011
By CeCeBabez BRONZE, Altamonte Springs, Florida
CeCeBabez BRONZE, Altamonte Springs, Florida
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Levantine, you fell victim for her potion and sweet devotion
For Love is not the element but the suspect who began it,
Then she left you beaten on the street and made you shed your heart’s tear,
She lied and said she needs you near,
You were scared, so she used lust to soothe your fear,
To lose her, you would’ve ended life in the darkest hour, in which was sheer,
She wanted to bring you to me and abandon you here.
Love decided everything, but with her curse it wasn’t clear.
Levantine, I took you from the stress and saved your cursed soul.
To make you believe in your heart again was my goal,
To believe Love isn’t a lie but a curse,
Levantine you didn’t listen, so you fell for the worse.

The author's comments:
I just love poems about love so it's the first one i tried on my own...it reminds me of some one i used to date.

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