May 4, 2011
You are a Siren,
Drawing me in,
With your moonlight melody,
Taken by storm,
My ship set sail,
Northern where I'm bound,
Following the sweet sound,
Faint thought maybe,
I'll be with you soon,

I'm coming,
Keep playing,
Don't stop,
Lead me home,
Clear my foggy waters,
Guided by the sound in the sky,

Twilight be your realm,
Let me enter,
I'm here,
I call back,
My voice ringing,
Location, location, location,
Where could you be?

Sing anothe song,
Lead me to where you be,
Louder now,
I can hear,

Shivers down my spine,
Shouldn't be scared,
I'm going numb,
Can barley move,

ringing, ringing,
In my ear,
The tune,
Bring me home,

Hot breathe on my neck,
A smile on my face,
Another howl?
I'm gone…

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