May 4, 2011
Oba Koinu,
That's my name,
Don't wear it out,

You're the little danter,
I am your open,
And i be da best,
You come from the west,
And i tha south,
Bring your challenge forth,

I'm the best of the best,
Challenge me,
I'll bring game,
Bring it on,
I'll just kick your a**,

That'd be me,
On the internet,
Or high in the sky,
I go by it,
No one but me,

Thunder thighs,
What my sis call me,
Stomped flat,
Greased off,
Wipe off like wad of gum,
Chew's and spit out,

Which name will it be?
Pick one,
I go by all...

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