Lilly and Buddy

May 4, 2011
By , Hendersonville, NC
As I laid down my head
Upon the sac of goose feathers in my bed
I reflected upon the day
Then, to myself and under my breath I said,

“This couldn’t get any worse,
This torturous predicament, is only capable of an uplift
In spirit, in health, a desperately needed shift.”

If death proceeded the words spoken unto myself,
If words could be uttered in a hurse,
There would not be a person, or object, I would not curse
Except for…
Lilly and Buddy

The future moment eventually arrived
No more tears, for they had run dry
Laying on the light green quilt, of sleep, deprived
Pondering Lilly and Buddy

But all of the sudden, my pondering was no more
I was holding her hand, my attitude no longer poor,
Her deep, gorgeous brown eyes
Penetrating mine like a laborer driving railroad ties
In the woods where we first made love,
There again at last!
Returning as if the forest were Noah
And we, the dove

Summertime reigned amongst the pines, oaks, and hemlocks
Time came undone; the forest knew nothing of clocks
Chickadees conversed peacefully with their neighbors
The cardinals, mockingbirds, wrens, and blue jays
As more of them landed in the trees, they brought those enigmatic, warm sun rays

Our heartbeats growing faster, together
The love we shared reunited
A warm, loving sword piercing the bitterly cold weather
My beautiful redhead lover
A woman like no other

Quickly, her beautiful eyes said unto me speechless
Let’s run
So we went from a steadfast trance
to the speed equivalent of a galloping horse
which upon sat a knight; his offense, a lance

Ascending and descending
Across those wonderful hills
Our strong, young legs taking us far,
An ultimate connected thrill
Suddenly, in the corner of my eye,
Buddy passed us by
Like a swan in flight; a beautiful sight!

Then our three liberated spirits slowed to a stop
At the sight of a dirt path that cut off our careless gallop
Lilly turned to me as if to ask the way to go
But the decision didn’t matter to me,
I could go whichever way the wind might blow
She smiled at me and Buddy too
From the left; the wind blew
And we continued

Buddy’s dark black fur was a speeding blob
From right to left; a multitude of trees he had to dodge.
Leaves crumbled, twigs broke apart
But the reverse was happening to my heart

Then the ground thinned the steadfast trees out
I saw a stealthily quiet narrow stream soon in our sprint
We all jumped in, for hesitation we were without
The water was warm, calm, quiet, and reserved
Glancing against the current,
The wet trail slowly curved
And up ahead some unknown distance
A waterfall dropped casually off
Its mist extremely dense
Buddy crossed paths with some focused ducks
Swimming about in a miniature lake
A picture ready to take

Then the warm water and tranquil waterfall slipped away into the abyss of my dream
Leaving my thoughts hanging, no longer a supporting beam
But to replace that wonderful sight was the view of the speckling daylight
As Lilly and I ran through the forest, so illuminated and bright
Our moods were elevated as high as kites

Buddy had disappeared
Man’s best friend gone from my side
A situation unusually queer
But I could not cry for I had no more tears

So I returned my eyes to Lilly
We no longer ran
We were sitting cross-legged in a quiet sector of woods
Surrounded by looming musical trees, a very unique band
We gazed into each other’s minds
Not a psychotic stare, but one very kind
I made love there
By those musical trees
A feeling of connection, I remember it vividly

But before karma allowed me too much fun
The world’s sad reality re-entered my heart
Like an armor piercing round from a high-caliber gun
My situation raining on my parade
The desperate feeling emerged of wanting a life trade
With the former self I once was

But as I suddenly had the perspective of one who floated above me
I knew this was the last time on earth for thinking free
The candle of the world went out and another’s flame struck up
A light very bright
The world fizzled out
But it was okay, for I no longer had something to cry about

As I relaxed my muscles for a final rest
I remembered the times of worse and the times of best
I accepted it all
For what it was

As I began to again ponder Lilly and Buddy
Alone I was I, but with them, we were “we”

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