Well At Home

June 22, 2011
A dream of hope
has fallen into the
shadows of my own fear.
I cannot understand
why all is fail, even
when life is well?
If it is the fate of
Destiny, or the fate of
the fallen;
There, I know, hope
is on its way, this
I know, I know.
I took my evident
of self-pride.
In return, my hope
has fallen into the
shadows of my own fear, fear felt inside.
I, in response, fell and cried.
If one word is the
Key to destroying the shadows
of my own fear; fear inside.
Let my joy be from the
sorrow of a fallen tear.
The tear of fear and of destiny.
I have cried of all of my
I then found the breathe of
God, in his Glory, the Glory
that I heard his mighty voice
I went into his presence
with giving and the want of
I want to be new, i cried
and stood.
If this is destiny, I have to
accept it;
This I said.
In the fate of destiny, in
the fate of my all.
The day of normal life,
soon comes to a fall.
One day, I will see the
Creator of his all.
On effect, enter his presence
with grace and love.
I will be above, but not
behind nor low.
As for now, a dream of hope
will soon return to dust.
I too return to dust of what I
And all at end, I shall live
in the mansion of what
"I Am" gave me.
A dream of hope
has arise into the glory
of love, in all,
I am, one day,
well, well at home...

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Sentori_Torraz said...
Nov. 6, 2011 at 8:46 pm
This really speaks to me.... And I truely can feel this came from your heart... Nice work! Many authors hoped to grab the hearts of the readers and make them feel what they felt at that time... I felt your heart in this poem...
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