Can't Make A Living Out Of Playing Make-Believe

July 7, 2011
I wish I wasn't a runaway
I promised you i was here to stay
but I can't go on
No I can't go on
We were living on our own playing make believe
You turned me around tried to make me see
And i'm to afraid
Yeah, i'm too afraid
I can't stand alone in a crowded room
even if it is with you
...with you...

Never have a doubt that I love you
but I can't turn around the truth
and I'm not who I should be
I'm not who I could be

Nothing but the clothes that are on my back
Starting to regret all the love I lacked for you...
What do I do?
I feel so alone as the people pass by
and I wanna turn around try and ask me why I do
what I do
...for you

and the clouds that are spinning and are racing past
the breeze makes believe that your all that I have left...
your all that I have
Are you?

Try and try and remember me even as hard as it may be
and maybe it's just me...
maybe I'll make you see
will you see?
Just what you mean to me...

The tears that are raining down from the sky
make me stop and wonder why
and the reason quickly to mind...
do you mind?
And I'm ever so sorry that I had to leave
but we can't make a life out of laying make believe

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