Love Word

July 4, 2011
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The word is so powerful and everyone talks.
This is such a great word,
One of power and warmth.
But useless in your living room.
You could prop the L next to your wall,
But the O would roll around.
It would make a good footstool if it wasn’t so big.
The V is dark and mysterious,
With a giant fissure running down the middle.
What can you do with this in your living room?
Store pillows?
A cat?
A husband on bad nights?
Then you have the E, a terrible letter.
It could be stored as a weapon.
So as you sit on L and rest your feet on O,
And watching your husband sit in V,
You can get up,
Grab E,
And stab him repeatedly in the chest.
You can use E to chop the body up fine,
And store it in O,
And roll it to the curb.
But once again,
Your living room would not be complete.
You would have an L,
A V,
And a bloody E.
And these letters almost spell Evil.

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