July 4, 2011
By 1eastSheaLynch SILVER, Glens Falls, New York
1eastSheaLynch SILVER, Glens Falls, New York
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They say it's magical.
That it can tell a story.
Of mystical time of old and sometimes new.
When Uncle Jack sat me down to tell a story,
He would always begin with "Once there was".
I was so engrossed by his logic,
And the smell of new clothes.
As he told the story of how he slain the dragon
On the beach last June.
His third nipple was there for the ride too.
Along the bumpy road to the castle.
Or the time he tamed a wild horse,
His third nipple was always there
Reminding me that he was brave.
That he was strong.
That he was my fearless leader.
And most of all,
Because he was too cheap to get it removed.

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