Two Simple Letters

July 2, 2011
Heart pounds rapidly
La-dumph, La-dumph, La-dumph
Feeling terribly trapped…
But still extremely excited…
Anger and anxiousness
Rushes through the veins

Hands quiver…
Trembling terrified, while timidly sitting there
Next to you
Palms feel sort of sweaty, soggy

Thoughts filter with memories
Memories of us… from midsummer
When warm wind blew against our faces
The mixtures of smells, fish, salt water, and ice cream
The soft yet uneven layers of sand beneath the feet

The intervals into days when we talked
A numerous amounts of time
The laughs, the cries, and the tears

Tears when you said no
Two simple letters don’t seem like a big deal
But, you’re mistaken
The pain you brought was unbearable
Pain, P-A-I-N
4 itsy-bitsy, uncomplicated letters
Sore, tender, torture, trauma, discomfort
The kind of pain you wouldn’t know about
All was brought when you said no

One would think it would be over by now
7 months, 9 days, and 4 hours later
But you are misguided
Sadly, still stuck…

When looking at you
Drunk feelings rush through
As if all the senses are gone, vanished
Except one
The sense of hope, along with faith

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