In a Dark Place, Alone

July 2, 2011
By thisgirlwrites15 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
thisgirlwrites15 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Everyday the light becomes less and less bright
Darkness conquers all
Everything seems to turn into night
Cold, empty space shadows over your mind
You try to think of pleasant things, just to pass the time
Sitting there alone, breathing heavy, dizzy eyes
Only thing you think to do is stand there and count by 5s
All visions spin around you moving in twists and turns here and there
You stop to ease your mind, just to feel the air
But the air is warm, it's hot and stiff
It gives more and more heat like some type of evil gift
Concealed by silence, in that small, cramped room
No way to escape as if you were closed in a tomb
Screaming for help, not to be heard
The Devil offers you your life so you will be lured
The deep, dark death spilt along the wall
There's no chance to resist, you can't help but to fall...
Into a world of black, there's no going back
The vicious voices in your head won't stop torturing you until you're dead
These voices feed on fear, taking all your breath
There's hardly any left
for you to speak
Grabbing something to clench your hold
If you were touched, your skin would be cold
Your defense is crushed, not much left you can do
This torturous pain you're feeling
has consumed you.

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