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July 2, 2011
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Get out of my dreams
I can’t help but wonder why you did what you did
What did he do to deserve this pain?
Real or not, he still smells the musky blood lurking
From the night when it all happened

He notices her from across the room
Feint memories fill in the words on each page
As she scribbled down her thoughts in invisible ink
But yet he can’t help but think of his dear Angelica
She bloomed in all seasons,
Cause winter was too beautiful to catch her.

It’s hard to live, to survive even after she dies
Unbearable to finish each day and be done with it

The pain too glum, salty and indescribable
Oh his sweet Angelica
How beautiful she was, so crazy, smart,
Fun and as adventurous as the ocean
He feels a glint of joy filled with sadness

How hard it is to forget each day as soon as you can
When the pain seems to drown your soul
He can’t believe what’s happening and what he sees
He feels invisible with no soul
The room bear and cold as the memories
Flash through his mind
He screams: Get out of my Head!
But somehow the words feel trapped

His mind begins to wonder
As he fades into sleep
He can’t help but think of shades of green
They were her favorite colors
Stunning and special yet so universal
Her favorite lines pop into his mind
As his breathing becomes deeper and heavier
His eyes go dark and he wonders
“Will I have to stick around in this hell?
When I’m the one who’s dead.”

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ambitious101 said...
Jan. 17, 2013 at 10:03 am
tell me what you think guys:)
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