Love is Blind

July 12, 2011
By AlexaMulvany SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
AlexaMulvany SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Love is blind.
It is why when our lovers look at us
Our dull eyes sparkle,
Our blemished skin appears flawless,
And our disproportional bodies
Resemble the shape of an hourglass.

If love is blind
Then why do I look in the mirror
And only see
Fat thighs,
Boring hair,
Repulsive bruises knee high,
And skin too fair?

Am I blind to an unseen beauty because
I truly love the body that stares back at me?
Or does his love for me
Mask me in something he’d rather see?

Maybe love isn’t blind after all.
Maybe it’s my mind doing it all.

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