July 12, 2011
Why do the souls let out a cry
Before they fall and die?

Why should I call out your name?
When for you, our love is just a game?
You broke my heart with no shame.

Why me?
When I know that you can’t see
How much I want you to love me?

I see you here
I see you there
And in the end you’re everywhere.

What a pain…
My tears in vain
Why is life so plain?

I know that you’ll never see
What you really mean to me.

When I know I’ll never gain,
My tears are crystals, shed in bloody pain.

You’re just another boy,
Who considers me their little toy.

When I see you here,
When I see you there
A new girl follows you everywhere.

You break a new heart,
For you its just funny “art”
You have no freaking shame
Do you really think it’s a game?

Love isn’t easy or plain
And neither a game.

One day you’ll see
How it is to be
Refused and hurt like me.

Now you laugh
But then you’ll cry.
So don’t ask why, I ask you “why?”

Can this really be
The person who I wanted to love me?
Oh I was such a fool
To really believe I love you.

Now my love for you is dust
Just left with pain and regret no more lust.

My sentiments are ash
And my heart? A building made to crash.

It’s sad you can’t see,
How right I am and will be
When you’ll be suffering just like me.

Now you toy
With every girl that you enjoy.
But not everything is merchandise,
Not everything has a price.

What goes around comes a round
And you tears will fall on the ground,
Crystal, blue, and round.

That’s when you’ll cry
And understand why
I asked “why?”

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