July 11, 2011
By oddly BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
oddly BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me.

Jack Dann

we laugh and laugh
and sing and dance
we waltz away our lives

live this moment

bright and full and powerful
the only truth
because we can touch and breathe and live it

so it is lovely

the only lovely
we are
there is no were

no will be
what are those words?
unlearn them
they are taboo

along with justice purpose


how dare such intangible ideas

invade now!
we never stop
the terror and exhilaration are predator prey
that we race towards and from

it is cruel and lovely and we flirt with it as long as we dare
we are addicted to the high of the moment

can’t live a millisecond without it

or we fall <crushed into the dust and memories>
we have the flight of our lives

<for your lives>
but it doesn’t matter because our dusty dreamy eyes

dull what we see into

we throw ourselves headlong into
wild song
we bombard ourselves with action
we bleed our souls out on the dance floor

race recklessly into passion because there is no love

unlearn that word
<you are shallow>
ha! we don’t care!
<you need to be rescued>

we are already saved
<you ruin your futures>

what is that word?
<your eyes are empty>
we flee to the dance floor to obliterate



because they are behind
no one regrets <what are these aches?>
no one cares <what is this agony?>
no one <lives? lives?>
nasty word it should be taboo
<because ahead is rank with horror and despair>

stop it
<because behind teems with scars and failure>

we can’t hear
<you walk forgetfulness because you remember

<why do those empty dusty eyes shine with lovely tears?>

The author's comments:
The life we live can sometimes just be a mask to hide from real life. Some people live shallow lives for good reasons.

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