Three Act Play

June 22, 2011
By , Corona, NY
My life is not real
a parallel player
they say I can't act
but my life is a three act play
over and over the same
no personality 
no decision to my life
three stickers on my brain control me
"act like a goody two shoes at school"
"annoying at bus"
" mean to her"
what if I'm not a goody two shoes
what if I'm not annoying 
what if I don't think she's mean
fake, unreal, mean
the words that describe me
I act my way trough life
everyone believes me
but still
I don't get the part in the play
my life is a three act play
school, bus, home
still, they say I can't act
and I've been acting my whole life
only one person caught me
the only one who cared enough to realize 
my life is a three act play
that can't be deciphered...

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