Why Would You Do This?

July 9, 2011
By LoveLiveLaugh BRONZE, Point, California
LoveLiveLaugh BRONZE, Point, California
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I didn't see this coming
I didn't even know you where there
You appeared to me so quickly
You were in my life for a while
Now that your gone I'm living in denial
I didn't see this coming
I was to busy loving,
What I thought we were
You seemed so happy
Why'd you break-up with me?
You still make me smile
Everyone and a while
It was all so sudden
I lost my breathe
Now I sit here confused
You didn't even give me an answer,
As to why you would do this
Why Would You Do This?
I lay here replaying the Golden Moments in my head
They're probably just a lost memory to you
Do you think about me as much as I think about you?!
Why Would You Do This?
I Love you even more now than then
I miss you hand around mine
I miss your dirty mind
Your smile leaving me in a bind
What am I going to do without you?
Why Would You Do This To Me?
We were so happy
Without you everything is crappy
I fake a smile when I hear your name,
But inside I feel so ashamed
I want to scream so bad!
Why am I feeling this sad?
I want the pain to just disapear,
With all the confusion and memories of you
Take it all away!
If I could only start over just to see you with me,
I would
Over and Over Again
But all I have are the thoughts in my head
I miss the old you
Where did he go?
That Happy, Smiley, Sweet old you
Now that's left is this Confusing, Strange Acting, Hard to Read boy
Like the Life has been sucked out of you
I've been nothing but True
Without you I have Nobody, Nothing, Just Me
I'm so very Lonely
Why Would You Do This?
It's just like a puzzle
I'm finding some of the pieces,
But they just don't fit together quite right
I keep looking at you
Are you just staring threw?
I just want to runaway
Just let out a sigh of Relief
I want to yell out,
But no one will hear
I'm invisible without you
People just keep looking right threw
We were Everything
Now we're Nothing
I'm Broken, Shaken, Lonely, Confused, Sad, Hurt, and you probably feel just fine!
Why Would You Do This To Me?
How can you live with yourself?
Don't you see how bad you hurt me?
I'm still Hypnotized and Mesmorized by the way you do things
You Broke my Heart
And Ripped it Apart
All you had to say where a couple of words
I'm still in Love with the you I use to know
This is all really low
I try not to show all the pain on the Outside
When on the Inside I just keep Crying
Every thought in my head is like chains keeping me hooked to you
Why Would You Do This To Me?

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