Grandma's House

July 9, 2011
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I remember
Going to Grandma’s house
I remember
The floor creaking and moaning as I walked in
As only a home aged and riddled with memories would
I remember
The dry, sweet scent of potpourri
Tugging me inside
Where I was greeted with
Kind eyes and a gentle smile
I remember
How like a wise owl
She would enlighten me with her knowledge
Of needle and thread,
Of brush and paint, and
Of whisk and batter
I remember
Her garden
Enchanting and magical
Where she would show me
Those spotted red beetles
Those tulips kissed by sun’s rays
Those stones of unique texture
I loved the aroma of
Cut grass mingled with new buds on branches
And the sound of
Feathered woodwinds whistling a merry tune
I remember
Her damp and musty shed that held hidden treasures
Gems to me that others would find useless
I remember
Her pouring feed from here wrinkled and patient palms
Into my own smooth ones
And we would feed those feathery creatures
I remember
When it was time to leave
She would give me a Tootsie Roll
And kiss my cheek
Leaving a lipstick stain that
I remember

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