July 10, 2011
Why do we all lie to ourselves?
"You're prettier without makeup."
No, she isn't. You don't think so,
and neither does anyone else.
"Girls don't need to try."Yes, they do, and always do.
"He loves you for you, looks don't matter."
Yea, they do, they are a huge role in attraction.
We live in a materialistic world, and everyone knows it..
but we fail to do something about it,
or mention it.
We tell people what they want to hear..
What would happen if one day no one could lie,
you had to speak the absolute truth?
Hate would boil,
souls would be crushed..
why does lying make us happier?

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Anagam said...
Jul. 13, 2011 at 10:24 am
i ask myself that question so many time a day!! good job :D
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