and i've had enough of heros

July 10, 2011
By , São Paulo, CO
and i've had enough of heros

they always fall through

they've done enough flying

and that's all they know how to do

and i've never been rescued

but i have been


and abused

and i've yet to see those webs


by some strange spandexed man

spun by the spoonful

unto buldings and roofs

so gather together

your victims and villains

better take up religion

your behind on your prayers

better make a pilgrimage

to Mecca

to the vatican

St.Peter's bronze feet

better purchase all the rosaries

better fill up the pews

go meditate in silence

there's no super human

with the power of truth

no super human

no x ray vision

it's you

whose got double vision

from too much t.v

from the news and the tabloids

better light some incense instead

better fall on your knees

better replace that hope of yours

haven't you had enough of heros

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