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June 21, 2011
By AustinJWilli BRONZE, North Lauderdale, Florida
AustinJWilli BRONZE, North Lauderdale, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Faith without work is dead

He is empty. . .

No heart just replaced by an ice block

Love he gives be can't seem to receive

The tin man he calls himself

Looking for a heart to give it to another

Because all the past hearts have been broken into pieces

All going to different puzzles so he wants to start a new one

Since the ones he loved; some ex's, some friends, so family

. . .Never took time to actually love him

So he's heartless, feeding to break others hearts

Better yet turn it into stone from a stare like Medusa

Just because he wants others to feel his pain

To stand in his non-stop, continuous rain

That turns into hail. . . every time he tries to love

Because love just fails. . . no sight of a dove

To symbolize any little bit of peace

Only a dagger through a heart to symbolize hate

To for one, his dad ; who was never there for him

Left him and his mom in the cold, not literally:

But it felt like the coldest winter

Bread and water for breakfast lunch and dinner, for awhile

Bills on top of bills stacking to the roof in a pile

His mom is crying to try to find a way

A way she can't find on her own so she looks to the sky and pray

For the lord to shine his light and save them

And it pays off, and he, being the son, has grown into a young man

But yet even though the made it through the stormy weather,

He still has no love for his father. . .

He is a stranger. . .

A stranger to his father

Because his father never to the silent tick tocks on the watch to get to know him

His father doesn't know the real he because he himself doesn't know the real him

He lives life by watching time slowly go by in sow motion

Never knowing what road it will take him

He's walking blind, black shades and all

No direction just hoping not to fall

No compass just hoping to walk down the road that takes him to freedom

Because. . .  He is. . . I guess trapped

Caged up like a tiger in the circus

Getting whipped even when he does well for the crowd

The cries from the tiger are loud but not loud enough

Tears of a tiger he waterfalls into a fiver that over floods on his face

No one can hear him cry so he's just stuck in this darkness

No light shinning jus trapped in a black hole no one can hear him

He is unheard. . .

So he lets the paper speak for him

An untold story finally told to the viewers getting them to know that

He is a young man trying to forget the past

Living with no regrets in the present

And hoping for the best in the future

Because all he can do is try to play cards he's been dealt with right

Never knowing where it will take him

Just hoping it will take him to the right direction

Believing strong faith will take him somewhere in life

So he holds on to it stronger then anything else

Knowing if he lets go, all that he's worked for will be nothing

Nothing at all. . .

He is me. . .


The author's comments:
This is the life of a young man growing up through the harsh times with his single mother wondering why his dad never loved him.

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