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July 7, 2011
You shouldn’t detest my ill words because they feed you.

Your emotions bottled up, just a tease it happens to be nothing new,

Venerable status is what you’ve had with me, energetic attribute,

quite easy to please,

Your smile became more amiable throughout these months,

And I’ve now come to know the clothes do not make the women you are,

as the old saying goes.

Taking censure to the heart, showing nothing but apathy

Only to live the next day to say f*** the world and its necessities.

I would never do you wrong,

commit iniquity.

Being placid was your best quality, you valued quiet thoughtfulness,

Yet sometimes compelled to the multitude of people surrounding you at times.

Never apprehensive of the future, fearful of the past,

it won’t catch up to you, nothing ever lasts.

Hardly adverse to recovering the pains of the past,

I knew i always cared about you, i threw my love a cast.

By the third drink, everything was hazy, feelings rushing by me,

thoughts always phased me.

I was crazed, amazed at everything you did, i sware.

The realms of equality dwindled in the wild and captivity,

It was destined to symbolize freedom in spite of thoughts entirely.

My feelings enthroned in my mind, only to hear your time will come.

Books devoted to fact and fiction,

your mind tells me tall tales.

To gratify your feeling for me, we not ask for more, simply talking for a few hours

whats not to adore?

Your intellect and your body please me the most, I’ve never seen so much beauty amongst most.

You are a sheep at peace, and I love you the most.

Your wool the most precious to me,

Please let me stay,

Promise not to tease ;p.

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