June 18, 2011
I try to keep my eyes from wandering back to
Your beautiful face
The face that once adored me
The face that was once my anchor
To the world
I know that there's no turning back
I know that I can't get you to forgive
My mistake
I can only tell you that I did what I had to
To survive
I did what I had to
To be happy
But I've lost the happiness that I
Might have gained because
I lost your love
I lost your affection
I lost you
I am nothing more than a stranger on the streets to you
You will never hold me again
And I can't blame you
Who would want to touch
What I've become?
Who would want to hear
My voice proclaiming
My undying love?
Who want want to accept the feelings of a naive girl like me?
I've betrayed you and

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