Bloody Roses

July 7, 2011
Bloody roses on the ground
surely and accident, am I right?
That innocent smile hide so many lies.
Now your covered in red rose petals.

Nothing,but utter stillness comes from you.
Your eyes are icy fragments of coal.
Mine,reject that desperate plea of forgiveness.
Your heart,the color of ravens to the bitter end.

Dancing in the scarlet rose petals,
your rose petals stain my hands.
From with the riot,the revolt.
All the times you dragged me down,all the misery,all the pain is going right back to you

This was "The War to End All Wars " between us,
and now,I,the weakling,stand victorious
over the ruler of black - hearted indifference.
Heh..Who's laughing now?

Insane? Me? Oh – no not at all.
Though done by my hand,you did it all on your own.
Rotting away,I leave you.
Drowning in your crimson pool of roses.

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