i cry and no one ones

July 6, 2011
By Anonymous

i sit in my room each night

no one noes i cry myself to sleep

each and every night

no one can know why

i use to have a smile

but now i don't

each time they fight

they hurt me more

i turn my music up

and try to block them out

it never works

they just get louder

and hurt me more

the fight goes on

till late at night

i shut my door

to block it out

it never works

my life is hard

my past is sad

it never goes away

it holds on tight

so tight it hurts

never letting go

my story no one knows

it hurts to tell

i hardly speak

i trust no one

i try so hard to hold it in

but i just can't

because it gets to much

the grip it has is is just to tight

so when it to me i cry

i cry myself to sleep

but my past still hold on tight

my dreams my past to me each night

when i awake it catchers me

not knowing why

the fighting back

it start all over

i try again to block it out

it never works

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