6 Wolves pt.2

July 5, 2011
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The 6 wolves that joined me have become more than just a part of me; they have become almost their own person. Each have their own name, the protector goes by the name of Kenta Urashi, the observant is known as Johny Urashi the protectors' brother, the one that brings me anger is known as Lord Urashi the step-father of Johny and Kenta. I was surprised to find out that those three were a family, Kenta and Johny reassured me that they wanted nothing to do with their father, I believed them and so far they have proved that. The other three wolves are also a family which surprised me, the wolf that brought me happiness is known as Nel, the lazy one took the name of Albel the brother of Nel and Miwako, and the loyal one addressed herself as Miwako who is also the sister of Nel and Albel. These three showed the strengths of how well a brother sister relationship can be, other than the constant fighting between Nel and Albel the family couldn't be happier. It's strange being accompanied by two separate families but they have proved that they can work together when it matters.
While the wolves helped me with my troubles I failed to notice the others that joined them to help me. The first was a small white rabbit that went by various names but preferred to be called Ana, even though she was a rabbit she didn't fear the wolves at all. She is quite innocent and even though a regular rabbit would have fled immediately from the wolves she stuck near them unafraid of them, this caused no problems for the six they welcomed her as if she was a cub to the pack. The other that joined was a grey fox by the name of Grey Sev, he held no ambition and no wish to live all he wanted was to welcome deaths embrace but no one would grant it. Grey Sev was bound by a promise to not take his own life, he holds that promise so dear to his heart but wants to die, instead of breaking his promise he just wanders on with the six wolves in hopes that time will take its toll and claim his life that way.
With the original pack of 6 becoming a pack of 8, I see that there is more to this story than meets the eye; I don't mind the two extra followers since they have already become so close to me just like the wolves had. I feel that this pack is not done growing yet since there are so many more sides of me that have yet to join them, the 8 are almost their own separate person but they can't because they are all me.

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