July 5, 2011
By 7h3Ru5514n GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
7h3Ru5514n GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
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All that we see or seem is but a dream withen a dream.

Games that are bad dont get played, dont worry i'll play with those bad games until they get good.

They say when you die you see your life flash before your eyes. Make it worth watching.
I wanted to use you, but you have nothing I need. Nothing. You're an empty vessel...

You're a little too 3D for a 2D girl. The more real you are, the more problems boys will have with you...

His hearts up in the air, nobody knows where it will land or who will catch it...

Flowers Scent

Flowers how beautiful they can be, Scents how delightful they can be. When combined they become something or someone truly magnificent, in my time i have dealt with some flowers and scents that haven't worked for me. The first flower was indeed interesting with an interesting scent yet i know this flower was not for me, The next flower had a wonderful scent yet it was to far away to see. The third flower was beautiful yet it moved away from my grasp to quickly, and finally the fourth flower this flower appeared wonderful yet its scent is what made me question it, it was almost as if the beauty was trying to cover up something terrible. That flower was to questionable for me. And now i sit in this garden of flowers waiting and watching for my flower to appear, the flower that will both be beautiful and also have such a wonderful scent. Is that flower you?

A Black Rose

The black rose, a wonderful flower it truly is, some could even say that its mystical. Not many people can see the beauty of a black rose, all they see is a black flower and wonder if it's dead, but i see different. I see beauty beyond belief, I see the wondrous colors of the petals, I smell the scent of a once vibrant flower. This flower is one of the rarest of all roses, I ask why? Must a flower be bright to be beautiful? Must a flower look alive in order for it to live? The black rose is interesting for a while it dies it still continuous to keep its beauty. It is almost like a heart that is freshly broken, as the petals fall so do the wonderful memories of the past. You move closer to the center and you notice that it is still alive and willing to move on. The black rose is quite amazing for if you notice that every persons heart is a black rose.

The author's comments:
Here is a two for one deal, two of my pieces: Flowers Scent and A Black Rose, are being combined only cause they both had to do with flowers so i said might as well post them together. I was inspired by a dead rose for the piece A Black Rose.

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