my sister

June 28, 2011
9 months and a day
thaT's all it took
now your here
all my worries have gone away
but more have formed
i wouldn't change it for the world
may 3rd
that special day

My baby sister,
the only think that makes me smile at times
you light up my day
with your big smile
with your babbling
how you cant say sissy
but instead with T's
never gloomy, always happy
caring, sharing, and kind

always thinking when you'd come my whole life would change
well it has, but in a different way
that 9 months and a day
were to long to wait,

almost two
those days are through
now to the future
were we can only hope
you grow up
and be a A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
little girl!

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