mental exhaustion

June 30, 2011
By kgearke BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
kgearke BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Sleeping is my world, my excuse, my safe place,
no one can bother me there.
no one can tell me i'm not good enough.
my dreams are comfortable and
at times, acceptably horrifying.
Sometimes we need that, though.
Sometimes we need


Sleeping is better than any opiate.
I could fall asleep at any moment desirable.
I use that to my advantage.
I can get away from anything.
hurt, love, loneliness, people,
situations, and most importantly,
just curl up, close my eyes,
and that's really all it


Sleeping, can it be an addiction?
A two hour nap every day is efficacious.
It's more like a hobby, it doesn't mean i'm depressed.
It just means i like to be
"comfortably numb", if you will.
Wrapping up in escape plans, and fluffing up not only my pillows, but also my
serious thoughts and endeavors
makes me even more eager to get into that queen sized bed to forget
about the room, the house, the world around me.
When i wake up from my nap, whenever desired,
i feel extremely rejuvenated. So fresh.
so happy...
I wonder if it will have to be monitored.
it's not abnormal... is it?
I wonder if it's a serious disorder.
i don't care though.
Sleep doesn't need


The author's comments:
i am hypersomniac

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