Music of the Night

June 29, 2011
Music fills my body with it's notes. The singer's voice belittles my voice. The urge to swirl, hop or show-off is unbearable. People all around stare, they wait for me to make the first move.
My head swings. My eye sight is looking for a partner. He comes around behind me and pulls my waist close to his body. His hot breathe pounds on my neck. Dripping sweat, I break away and start to swing higher and throw my fist into the air. Adrenaline fills my veins and takes over me. Lights of all color blink and move. He comes back for another chance. My heart pounds faster when his hands joins my waist. Dancing to this hypnotic beat makes me lose focus and balance. He catches me. His eyes are so bizarre. His eyes. His lips move but I hear no words. His honey sweet lips join my lips. Falling into a trance we dance further into the night to this hypnotic beat.

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