Vietnam's Alphabet

May 19, 2011
By Anonymous

A lone soldier in the
Blasted lands of Vietnam finds himself
Completely separated from his family. He is
Damned to live
Every day in a primordial
Fear of the inevitable death.
“Gooks” are the enemy that
Hide in the brush, killing creatures that wander
Into their line of sight.
Justice no longer applied in this war, for it was a
Killing spree that ended with the
Last man standing after the
Major carnage had ended.
Nobody escaped the war without a scar.
Old wounds still fester and ooze with the
Pus of hateful, confused destruction.
Quiet mourning continues to
Ravage the scorned
Souls of the soldiers who are
Tortured by the
Unholy deeds they were forced to do in
Vietnam. No matter
Who was dragged in, none were
eXempt from the chastising
Yells from a
Zealous people that could never understand.

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