Mummy Please Help Me

June 27, 2011
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Mummy please can you make it right

When Daddy comes home drunk tonight

Can you please protect me from his blows

And the scent of his words that leave scars on my soul

And Mummy, can't you please tell me why

Why Daddy wants to make me cry

Is it just because of the way he drinks

Have I done something wrong

I'm trying to think

No, I've always been good

I've done all my chores

So why Mummy, does he threaten me so

He calls me a w h o r e

And a s l u t and a ho

It hurts so me much

Like a blade to my tummy

Why don't you hear me

When I scream out your name

Why don't you help me?

Please tell me Mummy!

Are you are you frightened too?

It's okay, I know you are

I've heard you sobbing

When he leaves for the bar

So why don't we run

Far far away

Where Daddy can't hurt us

And we'll never decay

Are you afraid he might find us

And do something bad

But Mummy it's not right

To be scared of my dad


Well Mummy, you ran

But you left me behind

At the mercy of his fists

And his words- so unkind

How could you leave me alone here with him

It hurts so much that

You let him win

My arms are bruised

My head is bumped

My chest is broken

My back is humped

My body is bleeding

My hearts spoiled too

And one more thing Mummy...

I hate you

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Mariam.J said...
Jul. 8, 2011 at 2:40 am

Wow, I liked the way you changed the child's emotion from love to hate at the end of the poem.

And yeah, it's one of your better pieces ^^ .

It's very strong and disturbing ( in a good way) ( :

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