The Best.

June 26, 2011
By Mr.Cloud SILVER, Arklow, Other
Mr.Cloud SILVER, Arklow, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Touch Not The Heart Of Coal And Ice, For It Shall Taint Thy Soul.

Back then, things were easy.

Friends were friends and

everyone got along.

The sun shined, everyone smiled

while he was sleazy in the back.

It changed when we met,

you're rep extended even you're

ego, people's opinions were

more than i could handle

without meeting the "Heart Breaker"

That bright day, filled with

hope, standing by the market,

my life was about to begin,

with the following events

to chase me for a life tI'me.

There was this one man,

who i had so much in

common, shared secrets,

a best "friend" who

in turn, decided to turn.

"Don't worry!" he said

"We are still friends, everyone

else is lying", and i believed.

A pact between us to never

be broken, which later shattered.

I defended hI'm where I could,

place optI'mism in their minds,

"He wouldn't do that, give hI'm a chance!"

But he would, he had done it and

he would do it again.

That summer changed me,

but with every summer

comes the fall back

to the school grounds

and awkward classrooms.

He followed me, which for reason

is still unclear, and i was happy,

a friend for school, maybe

summer didn't have to end

so quickly for us.

We talked, we laughed

all was well, long and

bright like those summer days.

I was fooling myself, of

course, always forgetting.

We grew apart, for the better

I'm sure, and all is well,more or less,

but through all the trouble, pain and

hardships, not a "friend", but The Best.

The author's comments:
This man, and myself, had some of the best times of my life. Followed, sadly, by the worst.

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