That Guy.

June 26, 2011
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He is a bad guy, they say

nothing but lies and tricks.

Take you, use you and be

gone in two weeks. Bad friend,

always tried to get me in trouble

The poor guy, others say,

no one seems to care

about him, don't think he

even cares. He ain't that

bad of a person.

Amazing guy, few say,

always happy, keeps me laughing

for ages. We always hang out.

always good to have someone

like him around.

The guy himself disagrees.

I Ain't bad, sad, good or

anything they say i should

be. I'm me, human to

say that much at least.

The rumours spread like

wildfire, burning images

of this guy into their

minds, full of prejudgements,

leaving no room for him.

Acceptance. He came to

understand, accepting their

opinions, never caring for

how biased filled they

were, nearly putrid with feeling.

You're with her? You're his friend?

You're fighting that guy? Got

an ear to lend? He remained

Silent. Willing to help where it

was needed, but the noise didn't Stop.

Questions flooded the air,

prejudice and accusations

thrown like darts, just

trying to hit the right spot.

Just one rise, just one spark.

He never rised to their taunts,

drowned the smallest of sparks,

never saw the need to fight

a one sided battle, no point

in even letting them believe they won.

Inside, he was, is and will

be, for a long time, torn.

his thoughts haunt him, his

actions and in-actions bind him,

a mere shell, without opinion.

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