My Everything

June 26, 2011
I remember the days,
When I'd turn the world away.
I never knew where to turn when things went wrong,
I'd been depressed for way too long.
I had somone to walk next to me through thick and thin,
But this battle I just couldn't win.

After he ripped and shattered me to nothing at all,
I didn't try to prevent the fall.
I no longer cared about anything,
Until I met you, and you became my everything.

The little crush I had on you in the begining,
Made my world have a meaning.
You made me laugh, made me smile,
Much more then I had in a while.
Didn't expect to meet someone so amazing,
You had me beaming.

We grew into something so much more,
You became the only person I wanted to adore.
I was only afraid of being hurt again,
And it took me forever to let you in.

But when I did we turned into the most amazing thing in the world.

I fell in love with you.

I remember the first time I realized I loved you,
I wanted you to know too.
The first time you snuck over at night,
The first time you made me smile so bright.
When you told me I was perfect for you,
I never thought my smile would fade.
We became everything that we deserved.

Every day you amaze me in every way,
Without love there's no more delay.
My life's the way i want it,
Our memories I will never forget.
We'll make this last,
I no longer care about my past.
I've moved on and beyond,
There was something better all along.
I'll never leave your side,
Because with you everything is always alright.
You make me feel safe, and loved and cared for more then ever.
I plan on being with you forever.
No one else could make me this happy,
I've never felt this way, I feel like I found me.
Underneath all the bad, there was something good,
You got it out, who knew you could?
I feel amazing, strong, and powerful.

I feel industructable.

I love you with all my heart,
And I'm not going to let anything tear us apart.

You're my everything. <3

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