Fade to Black

June 25, 2011
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The curtain falls, fade to black

STOP, the curtain stops

the whole crowd is leaving and booing at me

I get down on my knees and cry

I look up there is a girl,

in the first row, first seat out

she's clapping and smiling at me

she pulls a rose out of her coat, and throws it on stage

I pick it up, tear a pedal off,

it has words on it, it says:

You screwed up big time,

but you have another chance so don't mess up

I drop the rose, and look up

the girl is gone

I look down

the rose is gone

the curtain falls

a loose brick falls on my head,

I'm knocked out

i fade to black

I wake up, the curtain rises

the crowd is back waiting to begin

I look for the girl in the first row

No she's not there

She's in the second row, second seat out

I take a deep breath

knowing i can't mess up, i rock it

I feel great

the girl is coming on stage

she runs up to me,

and gives me a hug

The curtain falls, fade to black

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