Broken- Hearted Friend

June 22, 2011

I have lost you. You may never return again.
I have said some things I wish I hadn't. I have hurt your feelings.
You were always jealous of me. I was always jealous of you.
You made me hurt when I was sad. Maybe I deserved it, but not like that.
You told me you would be with me forever. Now I am left standing here alone.
You broke my heart and shattered the pieces without saying sorry. I swept up the pieces and forgave you anyway.
You never noticed how I started to change. And you treat me like a child.
You told me I was you best friend. You turned you’re back on me.
You told me everything, even lies.
You let all of our other friends go, but I never did.
You always held a grudge, I eventually forgave.
You wanted everything to be you way. I said yes to keep the peace.
I find a way to be mad at you. So you don’t forget I exist.
I push you away. I'm tired of all the games.
I wish you would listen to my problems too, but you still complain.
I find my heart hurting every time you’re near, because I can’t help but thinking that our friendship is real.
I will try to get over you in every way I can. But now it might be hard for you to try to understand.
I hope you will come back to me in every way you can, but you find yourself somewhere far away. Just remember these two things.
I’m still your best friend. And I still love you.
Broken-hearted friend

The author's comments:
I did the same peice with a different title, but I think this fits it just right. I wrote it for a friend who I have grown farther and farther apart from. I just wanted her to be able to see we are becoming more distant every day.

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